Can you use liquid plumr in a toilet?

What is more frustrating than a clogged toilet in a home, and at night? Every home experiences toilet clog at least a few times in a year. Such clogging results from poor usage or problems in the main sewer line.

It is one thing to have a clogged toilet and is a whole new story to unclog it.  Most homeowners have basic knowledge of unclogging a toilet. They understand something about a plunger or tools for doing the job. 

But in this world of a quick solution, there are numerous chemicals manufactured to help unclog the toilet.  How do they function? The majority, work by dissolving the clog. Much as this may be seen as a viable option, it may be detrimental to the integrity of your toilet.

Manufacturers aggressively advertise their product with the main aim of getting many sales. This is at the detriment of the users. The best advice is always to call a plumber if you cannot do it.

Chemicals used to unclog toilets

For a fact, there is no shortage of chemicals to unclog your toilets. Some people will want to easily and quickly unclog their bathrooms, and the only way to is to use chemicals. Remember, unclogging a toilet is one of the most unpleasant duties you can engage in. Thus wanting the quickest way out seems logical.

Undoubtedly, chemicals offer the best solution to these nasty problems only if you choose the right one. Apart from unclogging your toilet, they will clean it. The primary thing to look at is the ingredients of the products you intend to buy.

For home use, it is prudent to pick a chemical solution with less hazardous substances for health concerns. Also, such a product is friendly to the environment.

The list of such chemicals is endless – liquid plumr, Drano, Flozyme, ProClean, zep, RID-X, etc. Each of the product has its most reliable and weakest points.

Liquid plumr has been off late in the mouths of many people. The common question is, can you use liquid plumr in a toilet? While the obvious answer will seem to be a simple yes, you’ll need to critically about it before settling on this chemical.

The chemical is best known to clear the pipes completely. Even stubborn clogs cannot withstand the presence of Liquid plumr. The best part is it has the potential of preventing clogs from reappearing in the future, mainly when you use it regularly –once a month.

According to the manufacturers, this product can also clean the toilet pipes as well as protect them. With this robust information about the Liquid plumr, it is tough to ignore it.

But wait a minute, if it can eat away all the clogs, what of any synthetic materials found in the toilet?

What is Liquid plumr?

Ever had a clogged toilet? You probably understand what this product can do to your bathroom. In essence, Liquid plumr is a chemical formulation consisting of sodium hydroxide (0.5–2%), sodium hypochlorite (5–10%) and a surfactant.

The product has a wide range of uses ranging from the bathroom to the kitchen. It is certified to work efficiently and safely on plastic, PVC, septic systems as well as copper pipes. However, the chemical formulation is not friendly to rubber and wax. So if you are cleaning copper wires, be sure that the rubber coating will be damaged.

Liquid Plumr is securely packed. Such a beneficial feature makes it safe for homes with children. It has a child-resistant closure that eliminates the chances of leakages or potential harm to children and other users.

Products from Liquid Plumr

They’re all aimed at making your toilet and sinks perform optimally. The most outstanding products are;

  1. Clog Destroyer Plus+ PipeGuard

 It is designated as a triple-action chemical formulation. The product is in the form of a gel. It works well in;

  • Clearing serious clogs
  • Eliminating odor
  • Preventing any future clogs from happening

The products work on all systems associated with drainage systems, i.e., septic systems and the piping, including copper, plastic, old pipes, and PVC.

  1. Clog Destroyer Plus+ Urgent Clear

Sometimes the urgency to unclog a toilet can be too much. That is when Clog Destroyer Plus+ Urgent Clear comes in. The formulation has powerful ingredients to deal with serious clogs within 7 minutes. It will clear hair, grease, or gunk that is stuck within the system. The best part is, it works for all pipes and septic systems.

  1. Hair Clog Eliminator

Hairball is one of the significant causes of toilet clogs. When hair falls accidentally or intentionally into the toilet bowl, it might be challenging to remove them. They entangle ending up to form balls. Worse is the site is unpleasant. Hair Clog Eliminator can within 15 minutes eliminate completely and effectively the hairballs.

  1. Foaming Clog Fighter

This product is a good option for tilt experiencing slow drains. The formulation is a combination of different products that work effectively to build up a strong foam. This foam will, in turn, clean up the walls of the pipes, ensuring that all garbage is disposed of well. This way, all the clogs are eliminated.

  • Double Impact Snake + Gel System

This innovative product from Liquid Plumr is a combination of gel and snake that is 23 inches long. The combination of these products is good at eliminating stubborn clogs like hairballs. Remember, some hairballs will need a little stronger push.

  • Industrial Strength Gel

This is one of the strongest formulations for unclogging toilets. If you are faced with the most stubborn clogs, then it is time to try this gel. Its power and effectiveness are simply unmatched.

  • Liquid Plumr Maintenance

This is a versatile product to use for all plumbing systems. It is also very strong in eliminating different kinds of clogs within the system.

With the above products, you expect not to have clogs within your piping system. But can you use liquid plumr in a toilet?

The answer to this question is a big no. Naturally, you can assume that Liquid Plumr can be used in the toilet because of its exceptional abilities to eliminate clogs. 

Apart from the advice that you should not use toxic chemicals for your home toilets, toilets have a wax ring between the bowl and the draining pipe. This wax seal prevents leakages from happening. Liquid Plumr is a powerful formulation that will digest the ring of wax.  

When the wax is eaten away, it means that whenever you flush your toilet, almost half the water will leak out, and this will wet the whole floor.

Bottom line

Liquid Plumr is undoubtedly the best unclogging chemicals, but not for toilets. They can be applied in other areas effectively without causing adverse impacts.  If you want to eliminate clogs from your toilets or simply you are looking out to maintain the drainage system, try as much as possible to use other means – mechanical means. If you cannot unclog your toilet, call a plumber to help you out.

Having reviewed a number the products from plumr liquid, you now have the clue of where to use them. Remember, each product works well for a specific system.

Other chemicals

Commercial drain chemicals are tempting. Before using them, ensure that they will not “eat away” any part of your toilet system, will clear clogs as well as clean the system. People ask, does wd 40 clean toilets? It can remove even stubborn stains.

Of great importance is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to use them

Step one: read the instruction carefully that come with the drain cleaner. Use the right amount as indicated on the direction; of which contrary to this may be undesirable. Again, ensure that the toilet is well ventilated; you can open the door, windows, or use a fan. And for your safety, use protective clothing –face mask and rubber gloves.

Step two: remove excess water from the toilet bowl using a cup and placing it in a bucket. Leave water as specified by the manufacturer of the drain cleaner.

Step 3: add the required amount of the toilet drain chemical and let it stand according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Remember, this time varies depending on the product type.

Step four: After the recommended time has elapsed, flush the toilets, or use a plunger to help in draining the clogs. But, this will depend on the instruction specified in the drain cleaner. All in all, the drainer cleaner must have dissolved the clog after the specified time has elapsed. If the clog still remains, repeat the procedure carefully.

Example of Other chemicals for your toilet

  1. Flo-Zyme

This is a commercial-grade drain opener. It is made up of substantial enzymes that open up the toughest clogs from drainage systems. The enzymes break down and liquefy sold that are suspended in the drainage system such as oils, fats, proteins, and greases.

Besides, these products can eliminate foul odor from within the system thanks to its perfumes. The unfortunate part is that the chemical is too active for your toilet. 

  1. Drano

If you want to burst clogs within your drainage system. These thick formula does not have a negative effect on the septic system, meaning that will remove the clog while leaving the pipes and joints in pristine conditions.

The best part is that it protects pipes from corrosion while dissolving any substance that may amount to clogging. There are numerous products within the Drano line. You can choose the one that suits your need. 

For instance, if you have standing water in your bowl, you can use Drano Max Gel Clog Remover – a thick formulation that will pass through the water to the clog. So can I use Drano in toilet?

  1. ProClean

This cleaner works with natural biological elements to ensure that your septic system remains clear. It can remove clogs as well as prevent future clogs from occurring. In most cases, this product is used as a preventive measure. It works by coating the inside of the pipes. This means it prevents the build-up of substances like grease, soaps, and fats.

The best part is that It is environmentally friendly – has no hazardous chemical. Again, its beautiful scent is long-lasting.

  1. Zep powder

This is one of the friendliest chemicals. In fact, you can use it in your toilets. It effectively prevents clogs in the sins and showers apart from toilets.

The formulation is enzyme-based. The enzymes break down the clogging substance by cleaning as well as removing the build-up.  If you use it monthly, it can maintain your piping system effectively.

This formula is biodegradable – it breaks down into carbon dioxide water and mineral, which makes it a better toilet drain cleaner. 

  • RID-X

This break is good as breaking down household wastes within the system.  This prevents the build-up of clogs, hence a well-working septic system. The formulation is made up of natural bacteria and enzymes, which have a fast-acting mechanism. They can breakdown paper, oils, grease, and proteins, making it easier for them to drain.

To use this powerful substance in your toilet, pour the recommended amount, and flush. If you use it in your sink, pour it and let the water run for about 15 seconds. 


When your toilet is clogged you need to unclog it soon enough. Understanding chemical cleaners can help choose the right one or completely ignore them because of their negative impacts. Below are two types;

  • Alkaline drain openers: they are made of sodium or potassium hydroxide. A few may contain bleaching agent sodium hypochlorite. They usually coat the interior of pipes dislodging substances.
  • Acid drain cleaners:  they have a high concentration of sulphuric acid. They are good at hydrolyzing proteins, tissue paper, and fats. However, they can react violently with water

Alternatively, you can employ home remedies that involve using hot water that will dissolve the soap and other clogs. Besides, you can use baking soda and vinegar combination to eliminate the clogs.

Notable devices to unclog your toilet include the drain auger, air burst drain cleaners, plunger and sewer jetters.