How to unclog a toilet with saran wrap

how to unclog a toilet with saran wrap

Toilets clogs are frequent, especially in homes that do not practice proper use of the toilet. The requirement is, such toilets must be unclogged as soon as possible to prevent the spread of diseases, foul smell, and make it usable again.

A toilet may block completely or experience slow drainage. In both cases, they pose a great inconvenience. When such a scenario occurs, the logical solution is to call a plumber. Remember, this option will cost money on otherwise a process you’d have done it yourself.

Unclogging a toilet isn’t a hard task if you have the right set tools and at least some technical knowledge of the toilet drainage system. With numerous tutorials and videos, this should not be a problem. Besides, substances such as superhero toilet cleaner can help you do that job.

In almost every home, you’ll find a plunger.  This tool has been doing a great job in unclogging toilets for numerous years. Most people know the plunger as the only way to unclog toilets. No one can underestimate the enormous role that the plunger plays in your home. Do you know how to use it effectively?

Plunger aside, have you ever thought of another method of unclogging your toilet? People are getting creative. As such, we have numerous other ways that you can use to unclog that toilet.

The most modern ad fascinating method is the use of the saran wrap. This is an unimaginable method that works exceedingly fine. From the external look, it seems impossible to use this plastic paper. Nevertheless, with the right procedure, you’ll have a smooth draining toilet once again.

How to Unclog a Toilet with Saran Wrap

Saran wrap provides the quickest and safest way to clear the mess in your toilet.  The process is not tedious and complicated as other methods. You only need to have your plastic wrap.

When faced with a clogged toilet, the more you flush, the more the water will rise up the bowl. This brings up the poop. With time the water gets the colour of the poop, and smell will be unbearable.

Much as the toilet will drain slowly, that still is not good enough for a home. What if you’ll need to use the bathroom immediately? Definitely, you’ll be stuck. To use the saran wrap;

  • Take the saran wrap and completely cover the toilet bowl. Ensure that there is no outlet for air or water. It should be airtight.
  • When you are sure it is airtight, flush your toilet. This step will see the water rise up the bow. Similarly, the pressure will increase, causing the plastic wrap to swell upwards at a faster rate.
  • As it rises, place both your hands on the sheets and press downwards. Press three times. This generates a counter-pressure that will push down all the clogging mess in your toilet. This should take a minute to clear.

Points to Note When Using Saran Wrap

While this might seem a natural process, their strong points to keep in mind.  For instance, not all plastic papers can withstand such high pressure. In fact, some will burst as soon as you touch them with your hands. So you need to find the right gauge of the saran wrap so that it works effectively.

In most cases, plastic wraps are used in food packaging. Such types of wraps have a flexible and transparent polymer that usually clings on the container to make a tight seal. The seal is so tight that no water or air is allowed in, a feature that conserves the food.

Initially, the wraps were made from cellophane. However, the current wraps are made from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC). The latter proves to stronger than the forme. It can withstand moisture, oils, and corrosive substances. These features qualify it to be called a tough plastic wrap; this is what is termed saran wrap.

The production of saran wraps is highly controlled. This is to ensure that the right type of paper is produced. The most notable features that will make you unclog your toilet successful with saran wrap is its tear strength and the tear propagation strength. In general, plastic wrap requires higher levels of strength to initiate tears.

Besides, the impact resistance of the saran wrap is high. This makes it withstand high pressure generated when you flush the toilet. Undoubtedly, saran wrap of the right gauge can be the best way to unclog your toilet.

While some sizes of the wrap can be stretched by hand, others require machines to stretch them. For your toilet, you need something that can hold up the pressure appropriately. A wrap that will not easily stretch makes the better option.

That said a saran wrap of the thicker film would work better. A thickness of between 1.5 to 2.5 millimeters can work effectively for your toilet. Put in mind that these wraps are clung plastic.

Saran Wrap Variations

You may choose to use the plastic wrap itself. Here you will wrap it around the toilet bowl to ensure that is it airtight before continuing to flush. However, technology and innovation have the creation of specific structures that effectively help in the unclogging of the toiles. These structures are made from saran wrap still.

Disposable Toilet Plunger stickers

People have made small pieces of saran wrap with tough adhesive on edge. These small papers then adhere to the seating surface of the toilet. The adhesive ensures that the sealing is airtight. Once you flush, the pressure piles up within the toilet bowl rising the wrap to dangerously rising upwards.

Place your arms on the mounting points and press downwards. You’ll notice that after pressing it still rises. That means the clog is still in place. Press until the wrap recedes inwards, which means the clog is removed and the flow is pulling it towards the drainage.

In South Korea, this small magical piece is called Pongtu. The name varies with the region, but their function still remains the same. These disposable toilet sticker plungers are sold worldwide. You can find them on Amazon and other retail stores.

The best part is they are disposable so that you won have to deal with dirt once you have used them. Mostly, they are sold as three sheets in a pack. This should serve you well, considering that the toilets don’t clog always.

Before buying the disposable toilet plunger stickers, it is essential to confirm the size. Not all toilets have the same size and shapes.  You may purchase a disposable wrap plunger which might be too small for your bathroom. Such a plunger will not help you. The most notable size is 370mm x 450mm.

Advantages of Disposable Sticker Toilet Plunger

At home or in your office, you need to have at least a pack of these disposable plungers. They are

  • Affordable: these saran stickers come at an amazingly low price. Their prices range from between $15 and $ 25 per single pack, and each package comes with three pieces.  
  • Lightweight: a pack weighs approximately 7 ounces. That translates to a piece weighing about 2 ounces. Such a lightweight makes it easier to use. Besides, it makes them highly portable. If you are a plumber, you can carry them around easily.
  • Easy to use; attach them the press. No much energy required.
  • Durable construction: the plunger sticker wraps are created from saran material, i.e., Polyvinylidene chloride, which is sturdy material.  These guarantees you results. No worries about their ability to withstand pressure, a feature that makes them highly reliable.
  • Foldable: the wraps can be easily folded, thanks to the flexibility of the material that makes them. Again if you are a plumber on the move, this makes it easier to carry them around, as they take smaller space.
  • Comes with an instruction manual.

So far, the sticker plunger made out of saran wrap is one of the effective ways of unblocking your toilet. For a fact, it works similarly as the plunger. While skeptics have looked down upon the ability of plastic paper to eliminate wastes from the bathroom, the results are astonishing to them. 

Like any other tool, it may fail. Even the world-renowned plunger sometimes fails, right? When it fails once, it doesn’t mean it is a poor way of unclogging the toilet; maybe you used it wrongly. You need to put into practice proper techniques of using the saran wrap to unclog your toilet.

Tips on Successful Toilet Unclogging

Have you ever felt frustrated after unsuccessfully trying to unblock the toilet? Or everything seeming stubborn, however much you put your best? I bet that the time you have the urge to call the next available plumber.

The problem might be you are not doing it right. The type of clog in your toilet determines how easy it is to remove it. All clogs lead to slow draining of the toilet. Some clogs are tougher than others. Clogs resulting from tissue paper can be easy to remove because the toilet tissue papers, can dissolve in water with time.  

However, non-soluble materials within the toilet drainage system can be a menace.  For example, a piece of cloth with the drainage system can prove hectic. Even the most praised plunger might not be able to remove it.

Apart from knowing how to unclog a toilet with saran wrap, to remove the clogs effectively consider the following;

  1. Type of clog

It might be challenging to ascertain what exactly has blocked your toilet, especially if you live with many people. Could it be a paper towel, combs, or towels? Or could the clogging be originating from the main sewer line?

If you can know the type of clog, then it will be easier for you to remove it; because you’ll choose the most appropriate tool. Most toilet paper clogs can be easily removed by the saran wrap, while an auger or a plunger will effectively remove a towel clog.

The auger is perfect at removing harder clogs. An auger resemble cable rod. You will push it/to snake it into the toilet hole and rotate continuously to loosen the clog o it might get hold of it making it possible to pull it out.

  1. Use the tools properly

Having the tools is not automatic that you’ll have to unclog your toilet. Using the right procedure will, however, give you positive results. For example, to use the plunger correctly, stick it into the bowl to make a tight seal. Push up and down continuously, before flushing your toilet.  Most people only concentrate on the downward push, which is not a good way.

Similarly, when using a saran wrap or the disposable plunger sticker, you must ensure that it adheres tightly to the toilet bowl; it must be airtight. This way, when you press it down the trapped air will push the clog downwards without escaping from the upper part.

Some people may ask, can I use Drano in toilet? Chemicals are not the best options for your toilets.

  1. Get the right tool

Always use the tools that are approved to unclogging the toilet. You can purchase these tools from the local hardware. Using any contrary tool might destroy your drainage system.

  1. Use hot water

Hot water is good at dissolving clogs. Pour a few litres of hot water into your toilet and let it stand for a few minutes. Flush normally. The drainage system should open: the water flows naturally. 

If the clogs are still present, then they won’t be as hard as before. Apply your saran wrap and press it twice, and you’ll be good to go. 


The invention of saran wrap has come a long way in helping unclog toilets. Apart from using the clipped paper itself, other specially designed products in the form of disposable plunger papers make the process of unclogging the toilet more comfortable and hygienic. The best part is when you buy them; you get three pieces per pack

While methods or unclogging the toilets are numerous, you shouldn’t let your toilets clog more often. It is good to use the toilets well. Avoids throwing into the toilet materials that cannot be easily flushed.