Toilet Spray for Poop: The Way to Keep Your Bathroom Fresh

Toilet Spray for Poop

Toilets stink! Everybody poops. What you poop smells awful, and I am pretty sure that the smell is not what you want to have in your home. 

Good news is, there are plenty of toilet sprays in the market. These sprays are created with the sole purpose of keeping that awful stench down the bowl while leaving the toilet room with a refreshing and breath-taking smell.

The choice of the toilet spray you choose depends on the fragrance you love. That is to say; there are numerous fragrances in the market, and each one of them has a difference in the intensity of aroma.

Some can overpower the strength of poop smell with a few puffs, while others might require a little more. Also, some of them leave a long-lasting effect than others.

Now, can toilet spray for poop be responsible for the best smell from your toilet? Indeed, and that’s why most people buy them. But, keeping your toilet clean and disinfected reduces the amount of bad smell drastically.

Poop Sprays

A foul smell from your toilet can’t pass unnoticed. Poop spray is created to leave your toilet smelling better than before you used it. Most have unmatched ability to trap the stench in the toilet bowl and release a fragrance that will neutralize the odor.

You can create dedicated shelves for your sprays within your bathroom.

How poop sprays work

The spray is usually found in a small bottle. But, before you spray, you have to shake it well. And then spray 3-5 times onto the bowl directly. The pray must touch the water. Spray before and after you defecate.

Spraying the toilet with the fragrances before you poop creates a barrier on the water surface. This barrier traps the odor below the water while you poo. The only smell that is felt is the fragrance of the poop spray

Among the benefits of spraying the poop spray before you poop is that it helps breathe easily for the entire time, you are in that toilet. It forms a layer of water to trap that stench; nothing escapes.

After you are done, you’ll flush your stinky stuff away plus the smell. This leaves behind a light smell which you will neutralize or suppress by the second spray.

Ingredients of Poop Sprays

The ingredients of poop spray determine how effective it is. If you walked into a public bathroom, you’ve smelled a strong floral or fruity fragrance. These fragrances are good at keeping down the stench.

For some people, they are the best smells, but for others, they elicit an immediate response: sneezing, coughing or watery eyes.

A public toilet is one of the busiest destinations. This frequent usage translates to much bad smell. It is logical of them to be laced with powerful substances.

It is not advisable to use such air fresheners in your home. Apart from being harmful to your health, they populate the air inside your house.

Basically, there are two kinds of sprays:

  1. Natural

These are sprays made from natural ingredients. They are created from essential oils and other natural extracts. Each brand has its own specific additions to make it unique.

Air fresheners made from natural ingredients effectively eliminate the stench from your bathroom without causing any harmful effect when you breathe it.  So, no sneezy feelings, no cancers, no indoor pollution!


They are devoid of aerosols, alcohols, parabens, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

You can buy a natural poop spray or make one at home. A DIY poop spray is easy to make. Below are a simple procedure and ingredients.


  • A ½ cup of distilled water
  • One tablespoon of real vanilla extract or rubbing alcohol
  • One teaspoon of vegetable glycerin
  • 20 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 15 drops of orange essential oils
  • Ten drops of lemongrass


  • Add the rubbing alcohol or the vanilla extract into a small spray bottle.
  • Add all essential oils at once and stir thoroughly.
  • Pour in the pure distilled water and swish. Your poop spray is now ready to be used

To use this toilet spray for poop, shake it well and spray directly into the bowl but onto the water before and after you use the toilet.

The vegetable glycerin is essential in creating a physical barrier, that will prevent the escape of smell.

You can use any essential oil in the preparation of the natural fragrance poop spray. Just pick your favorite fragrance. But, note that some essential oils blend well together that other.

  1. Synthetic

These are sprays made from synthetic material. They are characterized by strong fragrances that are usually of flower or fruit origin. The advantage of these types of synthetic fragrances is that they can keep of the smell completely out of your toilets, thanks to their strong aroma.

Much as synthetic poop sprays are effective, they should not be used in your homes. Research shows that they contain harmful substances that can cause serious health problems – allergies, cancer, hormone disruption, skin conditions, infertility,  headaches, and birth defects, to mention but a few.

A notable ingredient of these poop sprays that can cause health issues is the formaldehyde, which is a known human carcinogen. This compound is commonly used in many plug-in fragrance warmers. CDC fact sheet indicates that formaldehyde can increase the chances of getting throat and nose.

So far, it is evident that both natural and synthetic poop sprays can eliminate the awful smell from your bathroom. However, health-wise, the natural type seems to carry the day.

While looking to buy a poop spray, for your bathroom, consider factors such as:

  • Price: while high-quality toilet sprays can bring great freshness in your toilet, not all of them are worth the money.  You need to be careful while purchasing. Alternatively, you can make your own home. This way, you cut on costs.
  • Is the fragrance strong enough? You need a spray that is stronger the stick you eject from your system. It should be able to mask the smell entirely and leave your home with a beautiful fragrance.
  • As natural as possible:  natural products have fewer tendencies to cause diseases. In fact, such products will not give you allergic reactions.

Tips for a Nice Smelling Toilet

It is possible to keep your bathroom smelling naturally fresh. Put in mind that the toilet is the point will produce the worst smell from your home. With the busy schedule, you might find it challenging to clean your bathroom daily. That does not mean that you should have a dirty toilet. 

Apply the tips below to have the best smelling toilet.

  1. Automatic bathroom air fresheners

These types of air fresheners produce its contents automatically after a pre-set time. That means you will a regular flow of an appealing scent in your home.

To get better results, you’ll need to clean your bathroom regularly; otherwise, that will be creating a double stench.

While shopping for automatic air fresheners, look for those that contain natural fragrances.

  1. Proper ventilation

Ventilation is necessary for a free flow of air in and out of your toilet. A poorly ventilated toilet will accumulate smell, which makes everything worse. Consider opening the windows of your bathroom or buying exhaust fans.

Ventilation helps to bring in fresh air into your bathroom.

  1. Ensure that your toilet is always dry

Bacteria like moist places. If water is left in the toilet, it will stimulate the growth of bacteria. The bacterial growth leads to pungent smell, another source of the foul smell in a bathroom.

Always ensure that the floors are dry.

  1. Consider an odor neutralizing drop-in

This is a powerful tablet that not only gives your toilet a deodorized smell, but it will clean and disinfect it. The best thing with these tablets is once you place in the toilet water tank, they can stay there for a week or even more. The water you flush will always carry your favorite fragrance.

Others can be placed on the bowl – hang on the side, whenever you flush, they emit a refreshing smell.

  • Use a Dehumidifier

If your toilet doubles up as a bathroom, you’ll have an accumulation of moisture every time you have a shower.

The bathroom will be damp if you lack a good ventilation system. Being damp for a longer period will cause a bad smell. It gets worse if you store laundry in your bathroom. The staleness will increase.

A dehumidifier is a great tool to remove this staleness.  These tools are cleverly designed with a small shape. This shape makes them fit in most of the bathrooms. Besides, they come with small motors to fit in smaller spaces.

Remember, a clogged toilet stink. Can you use liquid plume in a toilet? Yes. Use it to unclog such toilets.

3 Best Toilet Fresheners

Currently, the market is flooded with poop sprays brands. All these types of sprays work to contain the stench emanating from the toilet. The majority do not work effectively. It is just hype.

If you intend to buy the poop spray, you must be careful not to fall for the low performing versions. It is best that look for a freshener that focuses on the toilet rather than those sprayed in the air to try and diffuse the awful smell.

They are found as either drops or spay, and you use them before you poop. The best examples are:

  1. Poo-Pourri (before-you-go) toilet spray

This is a product with a funny history: the ideas were conceived from the personal experience of the manufacturer, i.e., endless stench when the husband visits the toilet.

The product is created from pure essential oils, which makes it practical and safe. The product has an overpowering floral scent that prevents the smell from poo from exiting the bowl.

Spray 3 spritzes just before you it on that bowl to obey the call of nature. This creates a film over the water, which traps the bad smell inside. When you poop, the poop splashes the film triggering it to release the essential oil fragrance.

  1. Squatty potty unicorn gold toilet spray

Everyone’s poop reeks. Besides, it doesn’t look good. For this reason, the unicorn was manufactured. This product uses colloidal gold to control the odor within your toilets. It is strong enough to mask the stench both above and below the splash line.

How does it do that? The gold nanoparticles latch onto the sulfur in the poop to stop the stink. Besides, the gold kills bacteria, leaving you with a cleaner and safer toilet.

The small bottle can save from embarrassing moments, but give you a healthy way to relieve yourself. Even with the masculine toilet Whitaker, everything will be right.

  1. Air wick V.I.Poo Pre-Poo Spray

If you need a good smelling bathroom, look no further than Airwick. This product will efficiently trap all lousy odor within the bowl while releasing a spectacular fragrance. Such a scent will leave your home smelling fresh and habitable.

This product is fast-acting, that is why not smell escapes. When you spray it in the bowl, it creates a layer that traps the down the odor. This is an efficient way to keep the nasty smells within your bowl.

The best part is that this is a product is made from natural essential oils: it is not bad for your health. Also, the product can last as many as 300 sprays, which translates to the point that it is long lasting.


A toilet will always stink; however beautiful it is: even with an amigo toilet seat. If you clean your toile well on a regular basis, that is fine because halfway sinking is gone. The only stench you expect now is from the poop.

That is easy to get rid of: toilet sprays for poop. These are products that will eliminate completely any undesirable smell when you use them properly. Since the majority are before poop types, they create a film over water in the bowl, which prevents the stench from escaping, helping you breathe naturally, and you pass out stool.