What It Means When You Dream Of Toilet Overflowing

Dream Of Toilet Overflowing

Dreams are part of life. In fact, everybody dreams. The only different thing is the kind of dream one experiences. Dreams about toilets are common. You might dream about an overflowing toilet bowl, pee guard for the toilet seat, lacking a toilet, how to fix a slow filling toilet tank or even an open bathroom. All these dreams signify specific events in your life.

But why should you dream about toilets? Toilets are places that you are bound to visit numerous times in a day. They are created to collect human wasters, i.e., feces and urine. They are sanitation facilities that allow users to dispose of feces and urine hygienically.

Realize that toilets are private places. When you enter a toilet you always do it alone; one person one room. For some people, it is the chance to think about some issues in their life; it offers a quiet moment to reason out.

Remember, there are different types of toilets. Most modern toilets are sophisticated, and they use water. Water in the toilets serves to flush down the excreta, clean the toilet bowl an act as an odor seal.

While some toilets have an elevated bowl to use in a seating position, others are used in a squatting position. In either case, they serve a similar function. The choice of the toilet you make depends on what you like. Another essential feature that toilets have been built with is the consideration of the placement of grab bars around the bathroom. This is especially important for people that use wheelchairs.

Some toilets have an automatic flushing mechanism. These toilets are usually called high-tech toilets. In addition to the ability to flush automatically, some toilets have water jets, blow dryers, and medical analysis features; they can analyze your urine and feces to determine your health status. Still, they can check the temperature, blood sugar, and blood pressure, among other vitals.

On the lower end, those who do not afford flush toilets can use the pit latrine. Here, wastes are dropped in a pit directly or a trench. They use no water. They are a simple structure that can be built for sitting position or squatting position. If you’ve ever gone camping, you’ve used these toilets.

A toilet is like a basic necessity. Lack of toilets is associated with the deadly disease. The diseases spread faster and may cause deaths if not treated. Besides, not using toilets leads to spread f worms like the tapeworms. So there is a need to use the toilets all the time.

That said, humans cannot miss visiting a toilet each day. This close relationship can make you dream about the toilets. As earlier indicated, people dream about almost all aspects of the toilets. Whether it is a dream about a clogged toilet, overflowing toilet, flushing a toilet, cleaning a bathroom or setting up a toilet, all these signify personal issues associated with your emotions.

Dreams about Toilets

When you dream about a toilet, it signifies some emotional stress. Actually, such dreams imply that you are trying to get rid of some psychological problems. The toilet means the emotions that are deep inside you. The feeling that you are holding onto.

Do you like controlling and holding your emotions in your dreams? That represents the toilet. Everybody has issues that they deal with in life. Mostly regrets or constraints that occur when you deal with other people in a society.   

People who bear grudges, hold on to issues for longer. Such might lead to dreams associated with toilets. Take a moment and think, have you ever thought on the psychological effect even leaves on you? Think of your reaction after an event; does it affect your reasoning or relationship?

While past events cannot be changed, you can change such events by changing your thoughts. Put in mind that dreaming about the toilet means the toilet is influencing your emotions a well as the present.

Changing people can be difficult, but it is straightforward to change how people respond to each other.  It is essential that you try and come to terms with whatever emotions. Besides, learning from such situations will help you be alright.

Meaning of Dream of Toilet Overflowing

Naturally, no one would want to see a toilet overflowing with water and feces. The scene is plain disgusting. But when this happens in your dream, it means something else. In essence, a toilet bowl filled with water and feces floating indicates some forces within you. These are powerful forces.

Seeing feces could also represent in your dreams represents an unpleasant or miserable person.  Still, an overflowing toilet can indicate that you are finding it difficult to trust other people. If all the people around you are unreliable, it could lead to such dreams.

Since dreams are the only way to express your emotions, you are using such channels to remove the difficulties in your life. The subconscious part of your brain will work through your feelings in life and try to strike a balance. As such, you may experience repetitive filthy dreams associated with toilets.

This dreams always occur in circumstances such as after relationship breakup, quarrel with friends, or even taking up a new project at work can affect your emotions drastically. In such situations, you subconscious parts of the mind will try to get rid of the difficulties that you experience on a daily routine.

The mind is always at work. Numerous messages crisscross the brain. This makes the dream to cover a wide range of events both past and the present. As long as you hold on particular thoughts, regrets, or bitterness, these dreams will come at the same intensities until that time, you’ll stop holding on the feelings.

The best is to try and embrace the situations you encounter in life, however difficult they are. That is to say; you are responsible for your actions, growth, and relationships. Healthy relationships always benefit other people. So when you hold onto the past, you might stagnate in life. This is an undesirable feature.

For a fact, what happened in the past can affect your future if you do not handle it well. As much as possible, think of the fact that what you’ll do in the future. His way, you’ll stabilize your emotions.

What happens when your toilet is overflowing?

An overflowing toilet is evidence enough that the toilet is clogged. Such as removing the clogging material is a viable option; preventing such materials from entering the toilet drainage system in the future is the best preventive measure.

The toilet flushing system is built to be strong enough to eliminate human waste and tissue paper. The water a toilet uses to perform such a task, must not be too much to call it a waste, or too little not to clean the toilet.

An overflowing toilet bowl is a person full of emotions or some energy needing to get rid of. Using wisdom at such moments is vital. You need to flush out the toxic emotions.

Is it ok to turn off the water to the toilet, especially that which is overflowing? That depends on how you handle your emotions.

Water in an overflowing toilet

A flush toilet cannot function without water. This is an integral part of the system. In a dream of a toilet overflowing, water represents how you emotionally respond to issues that affect you in life.

Water plus feces results in polluted water. This kind of pollution is what you are feeling. It is a representation of repressed emotions. The sad news is, most people do not even know how they are feeling.

In case such dreams happen to you, it is time to seek and find your honest feelings about your current situations –relationship, opportunities, etc.


How would you feel if you got a scholarship to study abroad? Or what will be your response if you all over a sudden you got a new job? Undoubtedly, these are life-changing events. They will affect your emotions. A pile-up of such feelings results in dreams about toilets overflowing with poop.

Toilet overflowing with poop – dream

From an emotional point of view, dreams about poop represent an unpleasant situation. No one would stare at feces with admiration. If you did something disgusting in life, e.g., cheating on your partner, you might have such dreams.

In symbolically, these dreams indicate how determined you are to eliminate toxic feelings within you. This is simply a process of purification.

What Is Some Variation Of Dream Of Toilet Overflowing?

Poop rising from your toilet or poop floating on the floor of your bathroom or toilet gurgling after the flush. Such dreams are an indication of a person trying to be happy.  That implies that you are trying to rid yourself of toxic emotions and feelings. It might symbolize anxiety. The graphic nature of this dream makes it more captivating.

When poop rises in the toilet, it is because it has no outlet towards the drainage. An object might be blocking the way. This might lead to poop regurgitation. In your dream, this will imply that you are trying to unclog your emotions to make yourself free.

Some dreams come in the form of feces rising up the toilet, but it is held within the toilet, i.e., it does not overflow. This indicates that the wastes are controlled. The aspect that it is not overflowing is a typical indication that you are managing your emotions properly. Still, others are in the form of toilet bubbling when washer drains.

At the time you might dream of poop sticking on your clothes to the extent you cannot get rid of them. This indicates something that you are dealing with, but it is stubborn. These are some suffocating emotions you might have inside.  This is similar to dreaming that you are unable to flush a toilet even with water being available.

Dreams about toilets warn of something unhealthy, messy, or problem is getting worse. If you have such a dream, consider finding out what is really ringing down your life.

Poop and Dreams

  • Human feces: Human feces is the most disgusting thing to look at, right? When you have a dream about human poop, it signifies some things. First, it represents a tight spot or a dilemma. Besides, it reveals to you your inability to deal with some situations in your life. Also, it revolves around emotions.

If it is your poop, it might symbolize your desire to get a tangible or visible outcome in case you do have a tight situation. But if the poop was someone else’s, it might mean that you are jealous of other people’s achievements, possessions, or accomplishments.

  • Cow poop: Cow or horse poop is always an indication of good news. Remember, the waste from these animals are used as manure.  Such dreams indicate great profit in your business or success in any venture you are undertaking.
  • Dog poop: are a person with less or lack of self-control? Usually, such people always cause trouble; If you cause trouble because your recklessness, you will dream of dog poop.
  • Baby poop: This is also a good sign. It indicates something good is coming your way. Nevertheless, it might mean a need to avoid responsibilities.
  • Feces with unusual color: this is a warning sign. It may warn you about an imminent danger related to your home, relationship, or business.
  • Pile of poop: this is an indication of something sudden but good. It may be profits, unexpected prizes, or even inheritance. In some case, it might symbolize satisfaction.
  • Eating feces: this is sure a bad thing. It is an indication that you are experiencing some problems or a pessimistic outlook.
  • Eating your feces: this signifies that you are adamant about a situation. You refuse to listen to others.
  • Stepping on poop: this might be an indication of an unexpected good thing.
  • Having feces in your mouth: this is a bad sign, probably an illness that is coming.

Bottom line

Dreams are a depiction of your emotions. Relating dreams to the toilet is a plain show your emotions, and how you are trying to deal with them. In the natural, it is good that every situation is dealt with to the level best to avoid some dreams.